May 19, 2007

About Google's New Interface

Google's new interface is better than earlier versions. Especially the top bar. It would have been nice if Google would have made the following changes to its interface.

The new interface makes the themed personalized home pages (aka iGoogle) looks very ugly. It looks horrible for certain themes. Instead of the white color for all themes they can blend the color with the theme.
It is good to see links to, images, video, news etc on the bar right above the results. On the first impression i thought they were tabs. Instead they are just links pointing to various Google services. It would have been nice if they could have provide tabs. Because of this, the new interface become useless. Why i think so is, earlier also we have an option by clicking the more. I did not find any major advantage by providing the links above. Because, now, if i click on any of these links it will take to corresponding web site. Users as such do not have major advantage by just providing links. I can not compare the results simultaneously across different services because of this.

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