March 30, 2007

Google Notebook is out Of Beta ... Not yet ready ???

Today Google Notebook is out of Beta. It seems that has still some bugs. I Found couple of glitches. For instance the rendering is completely bad in Firefox in linux. See the attached image. The other problem is, it is magically deleting the items. I added new note and pasted plain text into the box. When i click on the other notebook and when i click again on the same note it is deleting the text. The interesting thing is, i observed the above in linux (FC4 with Firefox but i did not observe the same in Windows under the same Firefox version.

About Indian Cricket Team Peformance in Worldcup

Dravid going out in Burkha, the main reason for India's failure is India Gandhi and mail forwards such as "What India Will Do After World Cup (, Jokes such as this are good to laugh but really think about the Indian Team Performance. People can argue that whats the big deal to us (i mean as an individual) if they are out of the tournament. You may think its advertisers who are loosing money not us, but finally we are one who are paying the money to those companies. Means, we are loosing money. The same is true in case of TV Channels as well (Sony). Last but not least is, Country pride. Think about a country who has 2% of our population and still plays in the World cup. Its shame to our entire nation. Again the same question, 100 crore population and we did not find damn 11 players ?. Compare the same with the Australias team. The total population of Australia is 2 crore and they have such a nice players. What is the reason for this ?. India do not have right talent ? or BCCI is not taking right people ?.

Burning effigies, going into streats and throwing stones and things like these won't work. These are not the right way to express the discontent. Doing so will not create any impact on BCCI because it is getting the profits irrespective of our Teams performance. Who will work if they get the Damn money without doing any work. The right way to create impact is, stop watching all the matches India plays both in TVs as well as going to stadiums. I am not saying not to watch Cricket but don't watch matches which India plays. What's the advantage with this ?. The viewing rate will go down. (More on measuring the TV ratings can be found at and if you do not go to stadiums then their income will come down. Doing this for a period of time will definitely create a impact. Infact it will create a BIG IMPACT.

The interesting thing is, no body (I mean BCCI or Chappel or Captain) is talking about the Indian team performance. Infact they are creating cock and bull stories to divert the problem. For instance recent allegation about leaking the Chappel SMS about the Indian team selection.

Sachin and Dravid are crying, Zaheer Khan broken a stool, Sreesanth couldn't control his emotions .... all these will console any body ( Who wants the emotions of 15 players, Who considers the emotions of 100 Crore people ??? Lets show our emotions in right way otherwise it's not going to useful anyone.