June 11, 2009

Startup City

Last Saturday i attended Startup city at Nimhans convention centre. It was second time i attended. These were few companies that i found interesting.

MedFlo Telematics: They Develop telemedicine kiosks. This project is already started and they deployed few kiosks in rural areas of Kerala.
Vidteq: They show driving directions. Instead of showing just maps they show actual video directions. Among the companies that participated in conference, this is the only service i used before. Though this is a very good thought, i find streaming a bit sluggish. They should provide even more options like controlling the stream speed etc to make it more usable. This is simplified version of Google street maps.
Iken Solutions: They developed recommendation engine for different domains.
Latlong: Its a location based service. You can get the results by SMSing or by installing their custom software. Since GPS devices are not prevalent in India they maped tower information to location.
Ennovasys: Provides supply chain management solutions. Companies can directly track their inventory directly using their software and it is integrated with Google maps.
Panini: They developed Indian language keypad for mobiles. They did statical language modeling to predict the word you are typing. Accordingly they change the characters in the keypad. So you can type faster. You can send the text throughSMS and they even compress the text while sending. So you can send many characters in one SMS. The main disadvantage with this software is, the same software should present on other mobile to read.