August 8, 2009

Disassembling Inspiron Laptop

On a weekend (2 months back I guess) I didn't know what to do :) and I decided to disassemble my laptop. Here is the guide. Mine is Dell Inspiron 1420.

First remove the battery pack from the system.

Before disassembling, identify the important parts of the system.
1. Battery
2. CPU Fan

3. RAM
4. Hard disk
The nice thing here is that if we want to upgrade one specific part, we can do it without touching other parts. For example, if we want to upgrade the hard disk we can just remove screws shown in part 4.
We have to start disassembling from front side. First time I started from backside and I couldn't continue further. As shown in figure, pull the highlighted part and you can able to remove the entire frame (including the frame that has power button).

The next step is to remove the keyboard.
Be careful while removing the keyboard. Back side there will be a connection to mother board.
After removing the screws, pull it up and remove the connection to the motherboard.

Remove this connector and keyboard will be disconnected from the rest of the system.

Next step is to remove the monitor. First remove the supported cups (1 and 2 in figure). Just pull them off by holding the thick edge.

Remove the connection to monitor (4 in above figure)

Now the hard part comes. Remove the wifi cables. Be patient while remvoing. Here, reassembling takes more time than disassembling.
We have removed all the connections to the monitor.

Now remove the rest of screws and you are set.


  1. Cool! What happens to the warranty?

  2. himmm, finally posted it!!! Good job dude.

  3. he he. My laptop warranty was over :). If yours is under warranty you should not try this.

  4. yes chethan. Its in draft form for over a month :)

  5. Good to know that it helped you kristina.

  6. Good tutoial. Can you make a video of it???

  7. @Utsav Will try out.