April 13, 2006

Google Calendar Released Finally !

Today google relased much avaited calendar with few bugs and with some new features. Main feature of calendar are
  • You can share events with others
  • You can create multiple calendars and you can control the visibility of these calendars.
  • You can export the events in XML or ICAL format
  • Its ajax based and fast.
  • You can get event notifications though popups or email or even through sms. (but sms is in US only)
  • You can import the public calendars
  • You can get the daily agenda through email.
  • Drag and drop functionality
  • To access calendar with google account !!
You can expect more features in future. The main advantage of google calendar when compared to yahoo or msn is sharing. As it is relased in beta phase, there are lot of bugs in it. It is not saving the preferences some times and it is not well integrated with gmail. Overall it is a good start from google althgouth it suffers from interace glitches, some minor bugs.

Google Calendar main screen

You can set the notification option whether you want to receive notification though mail or sms

You can create multiple calendars

Interface Glitches !

Not aligning to the cells properly

No body can notice notice the scroll bar at the right hand top end.

Don't get suprised when you see this kind of errors !. These kind of errors are quite common !!

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