January 22, 2006

Google News Updated !!

As anticipated, finally google added personalization to Google News (New section called Recommended). Along with personalized news, it also added Most Popular section and custom section. In the custom section you can specify some terms and google news will show the news that contains all the terms you specified. Try this new feature !!!. If you do not find Recommended section, login and personalize your page. Here's how it works (from help page)

Here's how it works: By signing in to personalized news and keeping personalized Search enabled, you allow Google to track and save your news selections. Then, Google News can automatically recommend relevant stories just for you by using smart algorithms that analyze your selections. The algorithms compare your tastes to the aggregate tastes of other groups of similar Google News users. Simply put, we recommend news stories to you that have been read by many other users who've also read similar stories as you in the past.

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